Timely post-discharge PCP visits for every patient, guaranteed

We'll get your patients to their PCP's office within days of hospital discharge.

If your care coordinators are calling PCPs, making appointments and scheduling transportation, they're wasting their time and your money. You give us a list of patients leaving your facility, and we manage and automate the post-discharge follow-up appointment process. Goodbye readmissions, hello stellar HCAHPS scores.

PCPs, we've got you covered.

Have you heard about Medicare's new Transitional Care Management payments? Most outpatient providers aren't capturing them effectively. We help PCPs claim Transitional Care reimbursement to earn nearly twice what they would for a normal office visit, so everyone wins with prompt post-discharge follow-up. Especially your patients.

Better decisions with sophisticated analytics.

Our analytics platform helps you figure out which post-discharge inverventions are best for each patient. We identify your highest-risk patients and give them the VIP treatment, including priority follow-up appointments. While we're busy making phone calls to keep your patients safe, enjoy newfound insight into your landscape of readmission risk and post-discharge care patterns.

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